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Have a nosey and look around, see what you think and drop me a message if you like what you see.


My Story



I'm Abby (they/them) and alongside being a photographer, I also run an online Crystal and energy healing based shop and service, Arte's Den based in South Yorkshire. I'm a parent of four little people including twins.


I love storytelling; capturing details and having fun with it all along the way.

Abby facts: drinker of herbal tea; fan of colourful hair; bookworm; manga comics lover; creative writer; queer; nonbinary; neurodiverse - adhd; Aquarius; a collector of hobbies; doodler; fan of all things witchy and woo; Selenophile; dungaree devotee; enjoys singing; terrible dancer but doesn't care; an intersectional feminist; crochet lover; yarn collector (buying and using yarn are two separate hobbies, if you know, you know); partial to swearing; crystal lover; drumming enthusiast; guitar playing newbie; textile art lover; tattooed; photography fanatic and an all round busy bee. Often found in a woodland setting or near water.

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